Online Consultation

In this day and age, all of us are moving really fast. But, many times, in metropolitan cities the traffic slows us down. Juggling between work and personal life, our health takes a toll. Plus, the dearth of good Physiotherapy Practices in our proximal areas makes it even more difficult to address our health issues.

With the advances in the medical and physiotherapy field, it has become easier to diagnose and treat knowing your history, using exercises and self treatment techniques. The idea here is to empower you with the correct knowledge about your body and self management of pain and injury.

Thus, in this fast world bringing health to you. online.

The process is simple. Once you contact us, you get a evaluation form  and then you can choose a time convenient to you for a 20-30 minute online consult. A self treatment plan is devised and sent to you online. And you can get back to us with any queries.

Note:  This is a process to get you started with your own health care so fewer hands-on sessions are required. Patients with extensive issues might not recover completely by online Physiotherapy services. Patients still may have to go to a Physiotherapist close by for a couple of sessions.

Since most of you’ll are trying this out the very first time. The first online consult and Self treatment is on us. Kindly fill the below form to get in touch with us.