Staying fit at home

Working from Home and working out from home. Something that has become an important part of our lives since Coronavirus took over. How do we do this right? How do we maintain our gains & improve them without damaging our body. How do we stay active without being able to use outdoor spaces? Answers to… Continue reading Staying fit at home

Yoga for Runners

Runners have very specific needs when it comes to Mobility & Movement. Here we have a program specially designed for the runner in you by Deepti Shetty who is a Singapore based Yoga Practitioner & Teacher. She has coached many elite athletes in and around Singapore.

Injury Prevention

Prevention is better than cure! Working on that lines, we have a detailed evaluation personally tailored for your fitness goals. This evaluation helps identify weakness and strengths and imbalances in the kinetic chain. Directed exercises, mobility drills and kinetic functional training ensure better adaptation of the body to various movements. Around 70 percent injuries happen… Continue reading Injury Prevention

Graston Technique

Graston Technique to address scar tissue and fascial restrictions along the Kinetic Chain. “Fascia”-In spite of being so widespread in our body, covering all nerves, muscles, ligaments and even bones, It is still  overlooked . It serves as a Force Transmitter from one tissue to another. Inappropriate forces cause restrictions. We all have fascial restrictions… Continue reading Graston Technique

Manual Therapy

Manual Therapy Everything that you need to get your bones and soft tissue on the right track. This includes a toolbox of techniques which mobilizes the joint surfaces and soft tissue in order to decrease stiffness increase blood flow and promote healing. Extremely useful for Patients with Osteoarthritis, Frozen Shoulder, Cervical Spondylosis and for Back… Continue reading Manual Therapy


Kinesio Tape provides stability and support to the structures essential for movement. It has a certain amount of flexibility allowing movement while providing stability. One of its special features is the lift that it provides, causing increased blood circulation underneath the skin and allowing faster healing. It can be used in conjunction with many other… Continue reading Taping