Injury Prevention

Prevention is better than cure! Working on that lines, we have a detailed evaluation personally tailored for your fitness goals. This evaluation helps identify weakness and strengths and imbalances in the kinetic chain. Directed exercises, mobility drills and kinetic functional training ensure better adaptation of the body to various movements.

Around 70 percent injuries happen when you are overworked or exhausted. The Injury prevention program aims at reducing your effort and increase efficiency to perform different movements over prolonged periods of time thus decreasing the risk of overuse injuries.

Who would benefit from these sessions?

anybody from the working class to the ladies working at home.
It is extremely beneficial to athletes young and old, recreational & professional
corporates who work on computers

to doctors, yes doctors & surgeons who perform long tasking surgeries and are on the move throughtout the day

and most importantly, it benefits anybody who is working towards getting fit!

The session

what to wear for the session?

You need to wear something loose and confortable ! Workout wear / shorts / palazzos and loose shirts work well.

time taken!

It can take 45 minutes to 1 hour for a preliminary evaluation. Depending on the goal detailed evaluation is taken. Evaluation for Athletes Receational or Professional can take upto 3 sessions of an hour each.

What to expect?

the session includes a detailed History of Injury, Medical history & Injury risk assessment scales. Full body mobility, strength and soft tissue assessments. Posture and Movement analysis along with Functional Analysis. A tailored exercise program to address the issues and follow up after 2-4 weeks for exercise upgrade.