Our goal: A painfree active you!

Decreasing your pain through efficient movement. Minimal Relapses. Minimal Re-occurences. Maximal Activity.

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Nobody should live with pain. Nor should you!

And the bestest part is we can help you decrease and manage your pain in a time and cost effective manner. For the many different kinds of pain you might experience, we have smart solutions for you.

  • low back pain/ sciatica/ slip disc
  • neck pain/ cervical spondylysis/ headaches
  • knee pain/ arthritis/ meniscal/ ligament injuries
  • ankle sprains/ tendinitis/ flat feet
  • hip pain/ impingment
  • shoulder issues/ frozen shoulder/ rotator cuff tear

Treating these conditions and many more with advance techniques to get you better faster. To know more about these treatment methods click here.


Are you unsure of how to get moving post a surgery ? or Do you still experience some stiffness & pain in the region where you were operated many years ago? We take 100 % responsibility of getting you back to your regular activity ensuring that along with your 100 % effort you would finish rehab feeling 200 % stronger. As if the surgery never happened.

We are experts at Pre-conditioning – before surgery too. Now you can avoid all the post surgical weakness by strengthening your weak areas in a tailor fit protocol even before the surgery happens.


  • Faster post surgical recovery
  • Better Surgical outcomes
  • Pre- surgery confidence boosts

For more details on surgical rehab programs click here or feel free to chat with us on whatsapp


Does your back hurt after driving for long hours in the traffic? or after a long stressfull day at work? I know you have gotten your back & neck checked but there are relapses. And you feel exhausted with the constant cycle being on & off pain?. We feel you. and that’s why we have a solution. One that sustains recovery along with leaving you more active, energetic & revived.

So are you ready for a day where you can accomplish as much as you feel like with your physical health supporting you ?

Here are some of the lifestyle issues that we often ignore in our busy lives.

  • Posture- I know you know this one. But not just Standing or sitting one. but a good posture also encompasses good movement. Do you lift well? Do you drive well? and most important do you sleep well?
  • Flat feet- Especially in Teenagers. Many of us tend to think that Flat or pronated feet cause only pain. They tend to create a cascade of collapses leading to structural changes in our body. Get yourself and your kids checked.
  • Work Conditioning- Get your self in good shape with a series of strengthening exercises which creates the stability in your body to be able to work without any pain, weakness or exhaustion at the end of the day. I am sure after you work hard you want to save up some of your energy to live your life too.
  • Ergonomics- The magic word to cure all your problems, not just office related but even when you work in the kitchen, during your house hold chores, cleaning or working from home. Ergonomic corrections suited to your body size and work type. Are you ready to enjoy your work?


For all the weekend warriors looking to accomplish fitness feats juggling with life and work. and also all those professional athletes who have dedicated their lives to their game. A program where all your needs are taken care of starting with

  • Injury Prevention
  • Performance Enhancement
  • Sports Injury Rehab
  • Post Surgical Rehab
  • Return to Sports


Want to start gym or join a zumba class or go on a trek ? but scared that the pain will reoccur and you would have to give up mid way?


Preventive measures are undertaken in the form of an exercise program and a fitness regime based on detailed evaluation of the muscular and biomechanical imbalances.

Explaning the importance of good spine health


Sequential evaluation based tailor made exercises to unleash your true fitness potential and make you unstoppable. A robust routine to get you stronger without compromising your body health.


A long term solution to your pain and injury. NO MORE RELAPSES.